Chapter Review

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  1. Using a peer-to-peer network implies that all computers on the network are ____________.
  2. One drawback to using a peer-to-peer network is ________________ _____________________.
  3. On a server-based network, resources are ___________________.
  4. Before beginning to design a new network, you must take an inventory to determine what ________________ and _______________ you already have, as well as what you need to acquire.
  5. Working with a drawing of the _______________ is the place to start when creating a map of the new network.

Circle the letter of the best answer for each of the following sentences:

  1. A driver is:
    1. hardware.
    2. a peripheral device.
    3. a NIC.
    4. software.

  2. In the networking environment, a NIC driver is needed to:
    1. communicate with other NICs on a network.
    2. communicate between the NIC and the computer's operating system.
    3. communicate between the file server and the other computers on the network.
    4. communicate between different types of computers on a network.

  3. Select the correct statement about printer drivers.
    1. There is no universal printer driver that will ensure full functionality of all printers.
    2. Printers made by a specific printer manufacturer can always use the same printer driver and have full functionality.
    3. There is a specific printer driver designed for every model of printer that can ensure the full functionality of that model of printer on all operating systems.
    4. A laser-printer driver from one manufacturer will provide full functionality for all laser printers, regardless of the manufacturer.


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