Chapter Review

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  1. A sending computer breaks the data into smaller sections, called _______________, that the protocol can handle.
  2. Several protocols can work together in what is known as a protocol ____________.
  3. A receiving computer copies the data from the packets to a ______________ for reassembly.
  4. Protocols that support multipath LAN-to-LAN communications are known as _______________ protocols.
  5. The receiving computer passes the reassembled data to the ____________________ in a usable form.
  6. To avoid conflicts or incomplete operations, protocols are _______________ in an orderly manner.
  7. The _______________ order indicates where the protocol sits in the protocol stack.
  8. Three protocol types that map roughly to the OSI reference model are application, __________________, and network.
  9. Application protocols work at the upper layer of the OSI reference model and provide __________ _________________ between applications.
  10. A NIC-driver protocol resides in the ______________ _______________ ________________ ( _________ ) sublayer of the OSI reference model.
  11. Rules for communicating in a particular LAN environment such as Ethernet or Token Ring are called _________________ protocols.
  12. To help the network administrator install a protocol after the initial system installation, a ______________ is included with the operating system.
  13. TCP/IP supports routing and is commonly used as an __________________________ protocol.
  14. NetBIOS is an IBM session-layer LAN interface that acts as an _____________________ interface to the network.
  15. APPC (advanced program-to-program communication) is IBM's ___________________ protocol.
  16. NetBEUI is not a good choice for large networks because it is not _________________.
  17. X.25 is a protocol used for a ______________ - ________________ network.
  18. X.25 works in the ________________, ___________ - __________, and _________________ layers of the OSI reference model.
  19. AppleTalk is a proprietary protocol stack designed for _________________ computers.
  20. EtherTalk allows a Macintosh computer to communicate on an ___________________ network.


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