Chapter 11 -- Troubleshooting Windows 2000 During and After Migration

Chapter 11

About This Chapter

This chapter provides you with a number of techniques you can use to investigate and solve problems encountered in the upgrade process.

Before You Begin

To complete this chapter you must have

  • Worked through most of the earlier chapters of this book to form the foundation for the topics discussed here.
  • Your test network configured as it would be if you had completed the practices in Chapters 8 through 10. The configuration should be as follows:
    • PC1: Host TRAINKIT1, which was the first domain controller in the Windows 2000 forest, holds all flexible single master operation (FSMO) roles and is acting as a DNS server. It is the forest root of, and its fully qualified domain name (FQDN) is
    • PC2: Host MIGKIT1, which is now a Windows 2000 domain controller in the same domain as PC1, has an FQDN of

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