pasteseq allows you to insert one sequence into another sequence after a specified position, then writes the results to a sequence file.

To insert the sequence tst.seq after position 67 in sequence ese.seq and write the results to the file estste.seq:

% pasteseq ese.seq tst.seq estste.seq -pos=67

This is probably slightly more readable if the argument names are used instead of relying on the parameter positions:

% pasteseq -seq=ese.seq -ins=tst.seq -out=estste.seq -pos=67

To insert the sequence tst.seq before the start of sequence ese.seq, use -pos=0:

% pasteseq -seq=ese.seq -ins=tst.seq -out=estste.seq -pos=0

Mandatory qualifiers:

[-sequence] (sequence)

Sequence USA.

[-insseq] (sequence)

Sequence to insert.

-pos (integer)

The position in the main input sequence to insert after. To insert before the start, use the position 0.

[-outseq] (seqout)

Output sequence USA.

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