Deploying the Resum Application

Deploying the Resumé Application

You must follow a few steps to deploy the Resumé application on your server.

  1. Start by creating a database named Resume.

  2. Then restore the database, which you can obtain from the Web site. (The Web page with a link to this download is

  3. Next, run Visual Studio .NET. Create a project on the server named Resume for a C# project, or ResumeVB for a VB project. You'll have to make sure you select the appropriate (C# or VB) type of ASP.NET project.

  4. Compile the application once you have created it.

  5. Close the project in Visual Studio .NET. Not doing so will create a sharing violation for the next steps.

  6. Make sure you have downloaded the zipped projects from the Web site.

  7. Unzip the projects (the Resume/ResumeVB applications) into the default Web site directory (usually c:\inetpub\wwwroot). You will be asked if you want to overwrite existing directories answer Yes.

  8. Open the application project.

  9. Check the Global.asax file to make sure that the database connection string matches the connection string for your situation.

  10. Compile the Global.asax file.

Your Resumé application should now be ready to use, and ready to modify as you see fit.

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