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I would like to thank the entire Sams team for making this book the best it can possibly be. Special thanks goes to our acquisitions editor, Neil Rowe, who kept us on task and made sure our deadlines didn't slip (much). Thanks also to the development editor on this book, Kevin Howard, who was understanding and patient as the table of contents underwent some last-minute changes, and also to John Purdum (technical editor) and Elizabeth Finney (project editor).

Special thanks to my business partner, Robert Lair, for shouldering more than his fair share of the burdens while this book was wrapping up. Thanks also to Mike Amundsen for helping me to properly gauge the multiple layers of "late" and to keep things in perspective.

And of course, the most special of special thanks goes to my family, for their support and to my friends , who've marvelously endured the strained relations caused by too much work and not enough play. ”Jason Lefebvre

I would like to thank my family (Vilay, Juliana, Paul Jr., Marissa, Nina, and little Donny) for allowing me to encroach on months of what should have been my family's "quality time." I'm sure my children wonder if daddy ever sleeps. They see me working when they go to bed and they see me working when they wake up in the morning.

Special thanks must go to one of the most outstanding consultants I know, Mart ­n Sommer. His help in digging through many technical and coding issues during the chapter creation process was invaluable.

Many good suggestions and comments came from the technical and copy editors at Sams Publishing, along with Jason Lefebvre, yielding an outstanding effort. ”Paul Bertucci

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Sams Teach Yourself ADO. NET in 24 Hours
Sams Teach Yourself ADO.NET in 24 Hours
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