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' (single quotation marks)
       T-SQL strings  
       C# strings  
* (asterisk) wildcard  
; (semicolon)  
@ (at symbol)
       stored procedures  
@@IDENTITY variable  
@EmployeeID variable  
[ ] (brackets)  
[edit, change Visual Studio .NET to VS .NET]  
[edit, ifo=in front of  
[edit, place names of tables, columns , rows into Northwind database]  
[edit, RowUpdating and RowUpdated OK]  
[edit, trace=true [edit, place true in double quotes] and Trace=true [edit, place true in double quo  
[edit, usually control is used after an item instead of Web control. Check for consistency]  
{0[ colon ]c} string [edit, to check, ch11]  
{0[colon]d} [edit, to check,Ch11] string  
  (infinity symbol)  
24Hours virtual directory  

for RuBoard

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