Offering a Sequel

You can specify a second, third, and subsequent movies that should play once the first movie is finished.

To offer a sequel:


Insert the movie as described earlier.


Within both object elements for the movie, type <param name="qtnext1" value="" />, where is the first movie that should play after the base movie (along with any URL extensions as described on the previous page).


Repeat step 2, changing the number of the qtnext parameter for each sequel.

Figure 18.30. Those hideously ugly URL extensions in the qtnext1 value (described in more detail on the previous page) ensure that the sequel will appear in the same window as the main movie and that it will start playing and loading automatically.

Figure 18.31. Now the sequel will play after the main movie finishes.


  • You can also use a goto number for the value of the qtnext parameter. The base movie (specified by the src and data attributes) is goto0 (goto followed by the number 0). Any movie specified with a qtnext parameter is goto plus that number. For example, if you want to play the main movie again after the first sequel, use <param name="qtnext2" value= "goto0" />.And then if you want the sequel to play again after that, use <param name="qtnext3" value="goto1" />. And so on.

  • Since the sequel has to load in order to play, it can sometimes seem like nothing is happening after the main movie is finished. One solution might be to serve a very short preview of the sequel, with a message that the sequel might take a moment to load.

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