Controlling Where Markers Hang

By default, lists are indented from the left margin (of their parent). Your markers can either begin halfway to the right of that starting point, which is the default, or flush with the rest of the text (called inside).

Figure 15.13. I've added a bit more text to the first "new" feature so that the effect of hanging markers inside is more obvious.

To control where markers hang:


In the style sheet rule for the desired list or list item, type list-style-position:.


Then type inside to display the markers flush with the list item text (Figure 15.14), or outside to display the markers to the left of the list item text.

Figure 15.14. I've added the inside list-style position to the style sheet rule shown in Figure 15.11 on page 220.


  • Markers are hung outside the list paragraph, by default.

  • The list-style-position property is inherited.

Figure 15.15. The markers for the "new" features begin at the left margin of the list item, instead of outside it to the left.

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