• People buy what they buy where they buy it because of the value the product or service provides. Do not confuse value with price. Price is only one part of value.

  • Differentiators make one business, product, or seller distinguishable from another. Differentiators demonstrate why your customers should buy from you. If there is no difference, your customers have no reason to choose you over your competition.

  • Quality and service have become commodities. When everyone offers terrific quality and great service, these attributes are not differentiators.

  • You are singular—there is only one of you. When you interact with customers, your unique skills, experiences, and concern are the greatest differentiators.

  • Twenty percent of the businesses operating today sell 80 percent of all goods and services that are sold. Differentiators account for this disparity of success.

  • Customers want seven things in every transaction: value, effective communication, a positive attitude, reliability, quality, assurance, and understanding.

  • The only three "customer wants" that actually create loyalty are value, assurance, and effective communication.

Have you differentiated yourself? Take this test and see.

Differentiation Test

  1. Who are you? Make a list and name 10, 20, or 30 things that describe you. Your list should include a description of your attributes, experiences, intellect, and accomplishments.

  2. Make a list of 10–30 things that you absolutely positively know. These are your core beliefs. These beliefs are the things that make you different.

  3. How does your business, your workday, and interactions with customers reflect your unique knowledge, skills, and attributes?

  4. How would your customers describe you?

  5. How do you want your customers to describe you?

  6. Give specific examples of how you and your business are different from the businesses you compete against.

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