Destinations versus Journeys

I remember talking with a friend nearly 30 years ago shortly after we both had graduated from the University of Kentucky. We were both just starting our careers in business, and we were writing down our goals for the upcoming year. Our list of goals included all areas of our lives: health, wealth, spirituality, and happiness.

As we compared our goals for newer automobiles, better physical conditioning, owning our own homes, and all the other things we were dreaming of, my friend said, "If we want all this stuff so bad, why don't we already have it? If good physical conditioning is such a big deal, why aren't we already in tip-top physical condition? If being in great shape was a real priority for us, wouldn't we already be exercising every day?"

My friend was making the point that goals are destinations, but our lives are about journeys. Goals come and go, but the journey continues. The goals we set and accomplish for ourselves are mile markers on the journey of our lives. The goals we set for ourselves sometimes motivate and inspire us but it is our daily activities that are the real fabric of our lives.

Learning Which Is Which

Bernie and Leni Sweet are very creative and successful franchisees of several Arby's roast beef sandwich stores. Many of their employees are students and part-time workers new to the workforce. Leni teaches her employees that a clean store is not a destination, it is a journey. Keeping the dining room, kitchen, and bathrooms clean is an ongoing process. They are never finished with the job of cleaning. The good job they do at presenting a clean restaurant attracts customers and keeps them coming back. The more customers they have coming through the restaurant, the more it needs to be cleaned. Cleaning is not a destination, it is a journey.

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