helper class. See also data helper class; database helper class; Java helper class

creating, 208

data helper class in a Web service, 211

WSDL2Java, 103

XML Schemas, 246

HIS 2000

bridging with MSMQ and WebSphere MQ, 150–152

using MSMQ-MQSeries Bridge to enable asynchronous interoperability, 149–150

Host Integration Server 2000. See HIS 2000

how to use this book, 3–5


authentication, 104

and MSMQ, 127

reliable messaging, 135

for transport, 91

vs. JTCP, 85

HTTP-GET protocol, 97–98

HTTP/binary, 81

Application Interoperability. Microsoft. NET and J2EE
Application Interoperability: Microsoft .NET and J2EE: Microsoft(r) .Net and J2ee (Patterns & Practices)
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