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format members' posts p. 84

  • If you want to apply two separate kinds of formatting to two different parts of a single member's posts, you can combine the Display Name with a special word in the class attribute. For example, you could create the style rule: .Louisebyline{color:red} and then add byline after <$BlogItemAuthorNickname$> in the class attribute in the span tag around the byline element you want to format. The result is that Louise's byline element will be red (but not italic) while the post body will stay italic and the same color as before.

remove a member p. 87

  • You can't remove an Admin member unless there's at least one additional existing Admin member.

  • You can change ownership of your blog to another person by adding them as a team member, making them an Admin as described on page 86, and then removing yourself. Note, however, that as soon as you click the Remove checkmark next to your own name, you will immediately be locked out of the Settings | Members page for that blog. You won't be able to change the blog settings unless and until the other Admin returns the Admin privileges to you.

Publishing a Blog with Blogger
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