Professional JMS Programming

Paul Giotta

Scott Grant

Michael Kovacs

Meeraj Kunnumpurath

Silvano Maffeis

K. Scott Morrison

Gopalan Suresh Raj

Professional JMS Programming

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Paul Giotta
Scott Grant
Michael Kovacs
Meeraj Kunnumpurath
Silvano Maffeis
K. Scott Morrison
Gopalan Suresh Raj

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About the Authors

Paul Giotta

Paul Giotta holds degrees in electrical engineering from both Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. He began his career in the field of R&D for advanced military radar systems at AIL Systems in the US. He later moved to Switzerland and took up work in the development and implementation of financial analytics for the trading of fixed income derivatives at Credit Suisse. Paul ultimately entered the field of software engineering full time when he began work on the architecture and implementation of real-time distributed trading systems (based entirely on Publish/Subscribe messaging) at CS. He later moved on to the development of financial information systems at Olsen & Associates and also worked as an IT consultant for Cambridge Technology Partners. Paul is now chief architect for message servers at Softwired AG in Zurich.

Paul lives in Winterthur, Switzerland, with his wife Andrea and sons Simon and David. In his precious free time he enjoys skiing, snowboarding, hiking, and inline skating.

Paul contributed Chapter 8 and additional material to this book.

Scott Grant

Scott Grant is a Chief Architect with CascadeWorks, Inc., in San Francisco, California, and has over fifteen years of diverse development experience. An independent consultant for many years, he has been a successful founder of two start-up companies, where he has helped to build and shape the engineering teams and environments. A Sun-Certified Java Developer, Scott has published numerous technical articles on Java programming subjects, and enjoys working with emerging Java standards and technologies.

When not programming or writing, he enjoys spending his time with his wife, hiking the trails of Yosemite National Park, and working for Native American causes and charities.

Scott contributed Chapter 7 and additional material to this book.

Michael Kovacs

Michael Kovacs is a Sun-Certified Java 2 Programmer and has been working in Java for the past three years. He has worked on all aspects of web-based software development from the browser to the database. He has recently joined BEA Systems in San Francisco, CA as a Senior Software Engineer working with the WebLogic team. Before joining BEA he relocated last spring from his home in Cleveland, OH to San Francisco to work for, which inspired this book's work. In his previous programming life he was a C programmer who started out writing software for lottery systems. He has a Bachelors degree in Electronic Engineering Technology from The University of Dayton. When not hacking away at his computer he loves playing baseball, football, guitar, and fantasy baseball with his buddies from college, and watching the greatest movie of all time The Big Lebowski. Drop him a line at

Michael contributed Chapter 9 to this book.

To all of my various colleagues with whom I've worked in the past, thank you for your help and friendship.

Meeraj Kunnumpurath

Meeraj Kunnumpurath works as a Senior Information Specialist with Electronic Data Systems, responsible for designing enterprise helpdesk and billing systems mainly using J2EE and XML. He has chosen for personal reasons not to be photographed on the front cover.

Meeraj contributed 6, plus additional material to this book.

I would like to dedicate this to God who has given me all I have in this life.

Silvano Maffeis

Silvano Maffeis is CTO at Softwired, a leading vendor of Java messaging middleware for wireline and wireless networks. Silvano holds a Ph.D. in computer science and is the author of numerous publications about Java software development, middleware, and wireless communication.

Silvano contributed Chapter 11 to this book.

K. Scott Morrison

K. Scott Morrison is the Director, Architecture and Technology, for Infowave Software. He is currently leading a number of teams confronting the challenges in opening corporate data stores to an ever-increasing variety of wireless devices. He is a frequent and very popular speaker on topics in XML, Java, and wireless system architectures. Prior to his joining Infowave, Scott was the Senior Architect in the e-business division at IBM's Pacific Development Centre. While at IBM, his focus was on building high-volume, high-transaction rate web systems for travel and transportation, as well as designing and auditing Internet security architectures for government and financial sector clients.

Scott began his career by spending eight years involved in medical imaging research at the University of British Columbia. Here, he worked on Positron Emission Tomography (PET) brain scanner design, produced educational CD-ROMs about Alzheimer's disease for physicians, and conducted original research into neurodegenerative disorders. He has been published extensively in leading journals in medicine and in physics. He has also been a consultant on a number of feature film and television productions. Scott's current research interests lie in enterprise XML messaging architectures, Java/XML integration, and development frameworks for wireless systems.

Scott contributed Chapter 10 plus additional material to this book.

I would like to thank two people who helped me to pull this work together: My wife Liz, for wonderful support even while faced with her own publishing deadlines; and Ali Solehdin, who provided the SOAP and UDDI examples.

Gopalan Suresh Raj

Gopalan Suresh Raj is a senior analyst, software architect, and developer with expertise in multi-tiered systems development, enterprise component architectures, and distributed object computing. He is also an active author, including contributions to Enterprise Java Computing-Applications and Architecture, Cambridge University Press, 1999, and The Awesome Power of JavaBeans, Manning Publications Co., 1998. His work has been published in numerous technical journals. Visit him at his popular website or mail him at

Gopalan contributed 5 to this book.

Professional JMS
Professional JMS
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