• Ensure that all contractual commitments allow adequate contact between end users and requirements analysts.

  • If the outsourcing organization and the contracting organization are geographically separated, use tools such as audio and videoconferencing, high-bandwidth network connections between sites, and exchange of project personnel where possible.

  • For projects involving global outsourcing, implement cultural sensitivity training, including all team members.

  • Give advance notice to management of the outsourcing organization that you will require significant amounts of time from the organization's end users and business process experts.

  • The contractor team should create a contact list of all personnel in the user community, including name, e-mail address, phone number, role in the organization, and so on.

  • When using user interface prototypes, be sure to caution users that the interface is only a facade. The real work remains to be done.

  • Be sure to monitor requirements growth and revisit it regularly, and be sure that existing requirements can be implemented within the allotted time and funding.

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