Miscellaneous Changes

Now that I have shown you how to find all these things, I'm going to let you explore the Look and Feel menu on your own. Check out the Fonts dialog if you would like different desktop fonts than what is set by default. You might find it interesting to note that there are different icon sets available than the ones you currently see. Click Icons and go wild. If you do change the icons, just be aware that those I describe when pointing to the panel or to various applications may look a little different than what you now see.

Let me give you one final treat before I close this chapter. Still working from the KDE control center, look for Keyboard Shortcuts (under either Look and Feel or Accessibility), and you'll discover lots of interesting keyboard shortcuts to do things such as switching from one application to the other, switching from one desktop to the other, opening and closing windows, getting help, taking a desktop screenshot (in case you want to share your fashion sense with others), and so on. A minor word of warning, though you may have to scroll down through the list to see everything.

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Moving to Linux: Kiss the Blue Screen of Death Goodbye!
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