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Digital video cameras are becoming less expensive and thus more popular than their video tape counterparts. In addition, many digital cameras are capable of recording short bits of digital video. With the popularity of digital video recordings these days, it makes sense that the Organizer enables you to organize digital video files alongside your photos and audio tracks in the catalog. The supported video formats include .AVI (a common Windows format), .MPG (a common format for movies used by most digital cameras), and .MOV (QuickTime format). Thus, you can use the Organizer to organize your home videos and any short movie files you download from the Web. If you haven't imported your video files into the catalog yet, see 3 Import Media from a Folder for help.

You aren't limited to simply viewing the videos you import into the Organizer. You can also incorporate those video clips into various creations such as slideshows and video CDs. However, playback quality in these creations might not be as smooth as when you use a dedicated video playback program such as Windows Media Player or ZoomPlayer.


ZoomPlayer is a video and audio player; you can download the standard version for free for use on your Windows machine.


You can create an image from a video file by clipping out a single frame. See 9 Capture Images from a Video File.


Display Video Files

The Organizer displays video files side by side with images and creations in the photo well. The first frame of a video is used as its thumbnail, and a movie icon appears in the upper-right corner of the thumbnail to distinguish it from photos and other types of files.

One way to locate a specific video file for playback is to temporarily display only video files in the photo well. In the Organizer, select File, By Media Type, Video from the menu. When you use this command, only your video files appear in the photo well.


You can drag the border of the player to make the video window bigger, but the playback might seem grainier as a result.


Double-click Video File

In the photo well, double-click the thumbnail for the video file you want to play. The Media Player opens.


Click Play


The same Media Player controls used to control the playback of audio files are used to play video files. See 21 Play an Audio File for information about those controls.

Click the Play button to begin playback. The movie plays to the end and then stops. Click the Close button (the X in the upper-right corner) to close the Media Player and return to the main Organizer window. In the Find bar in the Organizer window, click Back to All Photos to redisplay images in the photo well and hide video files once again.

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