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159. Select an Online Service

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Using Adobe's associations with various providers, Photoshop Elements offers a way to take advantage of online imaging services. For example, you can upload images to a printing service associated with Photoshop Elements. The service prints the images and mails the prints back to youjust as if they'd come from the photo print shop down the street, and you don't have to leave home to take them or pick them up. You could also have your image printed on a t-shirt, cup, magnet, greeting cards, or postcards (see 69 Print an Image Using an Online Service). In North America, Adobe has partnered with Kodak Ofoto to provide you with fast, professional Kodak quality prints.

Another option some services offer (including Ofoto) is to post your images on the World Wide Web where your friends and relatives can see them (see 160 Share Images Using an Online Service). In North America, your only choice for either of these services is Adobe Ofoto. If you travel abroad, however, update your services list to find a local service that can deliver your prints, for example. In addition, you might want to down-load the latest creation types and set up the Organizer to notify you of sales and promotions.


Open the Preferences Manager

Make sure that your Internet connection is active. From the Organizer's main menu, select Edit, Preferences, Services. If you are starting from the Editor, select Edit, Preferences, Organize & Share. Then click Services from the list on the left. The Preferences dialog box opens with the Services page selected.


From time to time, Adobe adds service providers to the list of online service providers associated with Photoshop Elements. To make sure that your provider list is up to date, click the Refresh button in the Preferences dialog box. To have Adobe automatically check for new services and other updates to the program, enable the Automatically check for updates option at the top of the dialog box.


Select a Location

Click the Choose button in the Location frame. The Choose Location dialog box appears. Select your country from the Country list and click OK. This selection lets Photoshop Elements know where you live so that it can provide a list of service providers best suited to your current printing and sharing needs.


If you want to be notified from time to time about promotions related to your online services, enable the Show notifications about Adobe promotions option. A Notification icon appears on the status bar when there's a promotion; click this icon to view the promotion details.

To update your program with the latest creation types supported by your online service, click Update Creations.


Select a Service Type

Based on the location you selected in step 2, the Available Services list includes applicable online service options for which you can set up preferences. To locate an online service that can host a display of your images your friends and family can visit, select the Share option from the first drop-down list.


Select a Service

Open the options list (the second drop-down list). A list of available services for the service type you chose in step 3 appears. Select a service from those listed.

Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each online service type you want to use. For example, select Print from the Available Services list to select an online print service. When you're finished selecting the specific service you want to use for each online service type, click OK to close the Preferences dialog box and save your selections.

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