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Use Photoshop Elements to Organize Photos

After beginning your foray into digital photography, it won't take long before you'll realize that your collection is getting almost too big to manage. This is where the Photoshop Elements Organizer comes in: Its purpose is to provide the tools you need to catalog images so that you can locate them quickly, regardless of where they are storedon the hard disk, CD-R, DVD, or a digital camera's memory card. Basically, you import images into the Organizer's catalog, and then tag them with special markers that indicate what those images contain (for example, Fourth of July, Oklahoma City, Granddad and Nana), or their purpose (for example, Family Reunion Invitation). Next, you'll use these markers to locate specific images for editing, printing, or using in creations. If you choose to edit an image, the Editor portion of Photoshop Elements appears, displaying its unique set of tools designed for making changes to images. To learn how to start the Editor and the Organizer, refer to Use the Welcome Window, later in this chapter. You'll learn how to use the Organizer and its tools in 1 About the Organizer.


The Organizer (essentially Photoshop Album 3.0) sports many new or improved features, including collections, grouped versions of the same image, photo review, and Photo Compare mode.


Creations Greeting cards, calendars, Web galleries, slideshows, and other things you can make with Organizer's help, using the images in the catalog.

The Organizer enables you to quickly categorize your collection of digital images.

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