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Congratulations, by now your original game should be functional, internally complete and balanced. That means you are ready to begin refining your game, the final stage of the design process. But before we move on, one word about how you 'know' your game is really balanced. We have filled you up with rules, tools, and methods, but when it comes to balancing a game, much of what you do will depend on your gut.

We mentioned this briefly early on. There is no way to teach you how to use your instincts in a book. Intuition is both a gift and a learned skill. The more you design, the finer your gut instincts will become. You'll know when a game is out of balance without a tester raising an eyebrow, andyou'll be able to spot a loophole or dead-end immediately and implement the proper fix. Our goal in this chapter has been to give you a head start, and hopefully, when you combine this with your natural sense for game design, you'll be able to master the process quickly and see your game reach its full potential.

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Game Design Workshop. Designing, Prototyping, and Playtesting Games
Game Design Workshop: Designing, Prototyping, & Playtesting Games (Gama Network Series)
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