A picture or text that appears faintly in the background of a printed document.
Web browser
A program such as Microsoft Internet Explorer that is used to locate and display web pages.
Web component
A ready-made programmatic element that adds capabilities such as link bars and tables of contents.
Web hosting company
A business that provides server space for Web sites. Many ISPs provide Web hosting as one of their services. See also server-based Web sites .
Web Layout view
A view that shows a document as it will appear as a Web page.
Web page
The document or one of multiple documents that make up a Web site. See also file name .
Web parts
Sections of a Web page.
Web server
A computer that is specifically configured to host Web sites.
Web site
A collection of Web pages with navigation tools and a designed theme.
Week view
In Outlook, the Calendar view displaying one full week at a time.
The last line of a paragraph printed by itself at the top of a page.
See workgroup information file.
wildcard characters
Placeholders for unknown characters or characters in search criteria. When using the Find and Replace dialog box, characters can as placeholders for a single character, such as ?ffect for affect and effect , or multiple characters.
Windows SharePoint team Services
Microsoft s server application for team Web sites that are used for information sharing and document collaboration.
A helpful tool that guides users through the steps for completing a specific task.
Word document window
A window that displays a document, along with the tools most frequently used when creating, editing, and formatting a document.
word processing
A process by which you create, edit, and format text documents.
word processing box
A text object used primarily for longer text.
word wrap
The movement of text to the next line when typing goes beyond the right margin.
Text objects with special formatting applied to add bend, slope, color , or shadow.
work week
The days you are available for work- related appointments and meetings each week. Outlook displays the days outside your selected work week as shaded, to indicate that you are normally not available on those days.
Work Week view
In Outlook, the Calendar view displaying only the work days of one week in columnar format. You can define your work week as whatever days and hours you want.
Workflow report
A FrontPage report that gives site administrators an idea of the current status of a site that is under development. You can review the status of files, see to whom their development is assigned, see whether or not files have been published, and see whether files are currently checked out to anyone .
A group of users in a multiuser environment who share data and the same workgroup information file. When you install Access, the setup program creates a default workgroup and sets up two groups, Admins and Users, within that workgroup.
workgroup information file (WIF)
The file where information about the objects, permissions, users, and groups that comprise a specific workgroup is stored.
workgroup template
A template that is stored in a central location so that it can be used by people working on a network.
A page in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.
World Wide Web (WWW)
A network of servers on the Internet that support HTML- formatted documents.
The breaking of lines of text to fit the width of the cell or text box.
See World Wide Web.

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MicrosoftВ® Office ExcelВ® 2003 Step by Step (Step By Step (Microsoft))
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