8.5 Managing Network Daemons under AIX

In general, AIX uses the System Resource Controller to manage daemons, and the ones related to networking are no exception. The startsrc and stopsrc commands are used to manually start and stop server processes within the SRC. The following commands illustrate the facility's use with several common TCP/IP daemons:

# stopsrc -g tcpip                     Stop all TCP/IP-related daemons. # stopsrc -s named                     Stop the DNS  name server. # startsrc -s inetd                    Start the master networking server. # startsrc -g nfs                      Start all NFS-related daemons.

As these commands illustrate, the -s and -g options are used to specify the individual server or server group (respectively) to which the command applies. As usual, the lssrc command may be used to display the status of daemons controlled by the SRC, as in this command, which lists the servers within the nfs group:

# lssrc -g nfs Subsystem        Group            PID       Status biod             nfs              344156    active rpc.statd        nfs              376926    active rpc.lockd        nfs              385120    active nfsd             nfs                        inoperative rpc.mountd       nfs                        inoperative

On this system, the daemons related to accessing remote filesystems are running, while those related to providing remote access to local filesystems are not.

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