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The New SQL*Plus compatibility Command

You can now start SQL*Plus, setting the SQL*Plus compatibility variable (defined by a -c at the SQL*Plus command line) when you execute the SQL*Plus client. This allows you to set this variable before the global or local parameter files are executed. This is done when the SQL*Plus client is started via the use of the -c command-line parameter, followed by the Oracle Database version you wish the SQL*Plus session to be compatible with. Here is an example:

 C:\ sqlplus -c 9.2 ''sys as sysdba" 

Support for Whitespace in File- and Pathnames

In Oracle Database 10g, whitespace can be included in file- and pathnames. Commands such as spool, @, @@, and run all can benefit from this new functionality. Here is an example:

 SPOOL "output report.txt" 

Other SQL*Plus Enhancements and New Features

There are a number of other new features in SQL*Plus. The SQL*Plus copy command has new error messages associated with it. The new show recyclebin command will display items that are currently in the recycle bin and available for purging. Also, the pagesize default in Oracle Database 10g has been changed from 24 to 14.

SQL Language New Features

Oracle Database 10g provides new SQL language functionality. This section highlights some of these new features, including the following:

image Data type enhancements

image Moving data between BFILEs and LOB data types

image The ability to create before insert and update triggers on LOB columns

image New functionality for the returning clause

image The new SQL model clause


Oracle Database 10g New Features
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