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web sites
    Anakrino/Exemplar decompiler 
Web.config file, ASP.NET 
    authentication, ASP.NET 
    Crypto API 
    security, .NET RBS comparison 
Windows .NET Server, .NET Framework Configuration tool 
Windows 2000 Professional, .NET Framework Configuration tool execution 
Windows 2000 Server, .NET Framework Configuration tool execution 
Windows Crypto API 
Windows executable assemblies 
Windows security, CAS and 
Windows XP Professional, .NET Framework Configuration Tool 
WindowsIdentity class
    impersonation and 
    RBS and 
WindowsIdentity object, Impersonate method 
WindowsIdentity.GetCurrent method 
WindowsPrincipal class
    RBS and 
WindowsPrincipal.IsInRole method 
worker processes, ASP.NET 
    <processModel\\> element 
WriteEntry method 
writing files, isolated storage 

Programming. NET Security
Programming .Net Security
ISBN: 0596004427
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2005
Pages: 346

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