System.Security.Policy (mscorlib.dll)sealed class
public sealed class PermissionRequestEvidence : IBuiltInEvidence { // Public Constructors    public PermissionRequestEvidence(System.Security.PermissionSet request,         System.Security.PermissionSet optional, System.Security.PermissionSet denied); // Public Instance Properties    public PermissionSet DeniedPermissions{get; }    public PermissionSet OptionalPermissions{get; }    public PermissionSet RequestedPermissions{get; } // Public Instance Methods    public PermissionRequestEvidence Copy(  );    public override string ToString(  );     // overrides object }

The PermissionRequestEvidence class is a special evidence class used by the runtime during policy resolution to represent the declarative permission requests contained within an assembly. The RequestedPermissions, OptionalPermissions, and DeniedPermissions properties each return a System.Security.PermissionSet containing the minimal, optional, and refused permission requests made by the assembly. An assembly's PermissionRequestEvidence is contained in the assembly's Evidence collection during policy resolution but does not remain as part of the assembly's Evidence collection after policy resolution is complete.

Programming. NET Security
Programming .Net Security
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