11.2 Applying HTML Styles

Once you have created your HTML styles, you can apply them as follows :

Select the text to which you want to apply the style (if applying a paragraph format, click anywhere in the paragraphyou don't need to select the entire paragraph). Then:

  • Select a style in the HTML Styles panel and click the Apply button (see Figure 11-1). If the Auto Apply checkbox is enabled, you don't need to click the Apply button.

  • Select Text figs/u2192.gif HTML Styles figs/u2192.gif styleName .

  • Right-click (Windows) or Ctrl-click (Macintosh) on the selection in the Document window and choose HTML Styles figs/u2192.gif styleName from the contextual menu.

For example, if you applied a left-aligned paragraph style that uses Size 2, black, Arial text to the following text:

 This site is still under construction. Please check back soon. 

The result would be:

 <p align="left">    <font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2" color="#000000">      This site is still under construction. Please check back soon.    </font> </p> 

If you applied a character style that uses Size 2, black, italicized Book Antiqua text instead, the result might be:

 This site is still under <i><font face="Book Antiqua, Times New Roman"  size="2" color="#000000">construction</font></i>. Please check back soon. 

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