This section lists resources that can help you find out more about devices.

Microsoft Pocket PC

Resources in this section focus on the Microsoft Pocket PC.

Developer Information

Microsoft Pocket PC

This is the official site for the Microsoft Pocket PC operating system. It contains Pocket PC and device news, information, and downloads.

Microsoft Developer Area for the Pocket PC

Community, News, and Information Sites

Pocket PC Thoughts

News and information on Pocket PC and devices.

Pocket PC Passion







The gadgeteer


Microsoft Pocket PC Newsgroups



Official Microsoft newsgroups on Pocket PC Forums

Pocket Internet Explorer/JScript

Internet Explorer for Pocket PC HTML and Object Model Reference

Pocket Internet Explorer Resources at Pocket PC Developers Network

HTML Tags, MIME Types, Security Types, and URL Types Supported in Pocket Internet Explorer;EN-US;q158479

Database Access Using JavaScript

Designing Pages for Pocket IE

Microsoft XML Support with the Internet Explorer for Pocket PC

Scripting with Flash Player and ActiveX

An Example of Communication Between JavaScript and Flash

Using JavaScript with the Flash Player

Calling Methods from JavaScript


Different Approaches to Setting Variables in a Flash Movie

This is probably the single best resource for information on Flash/JavaScript integration.

Pocket PC Web Servers

Web servers that can run on the Pocket PC platform and can be used with Flash to create nearly full-featured applications.

ASP for Pocket PC

Windows CE Web Server



The Apache web server ported to Windows CE with support for CGI.

GoAhead Web Server

Embedded web server that supports dynamic content through the use of embedded JavaScript, Active Server Pages, and CGI.

Pico Web Server

Creating Video for Pocket PC

WildForm Flix

Tool that encodes video for use within the Flash Player.

Windows Media Encoder

Pocket PC profiles for the Pocket PC Windows Media Player

Encoding Audio and Video for the Pocket PC


Windows Media Free Bonus Pack (Lots of cool stuff)

Putting Home Movies on the Pocket PC

Useful Third-Party Pocket PC Applications

Create eBooks for the Pocket PC

Microsoft Reader Add-In



Adobe PDF Viewer

Pocket Mac

This allows you to connect and sync a Pocket PC device with an Apple-based computer.

Pocket PC-Related Hardware

Compaq iPAQ

URThere @migo

Toshiba GENIO e570

Casio E-200

Hewlett-Packard Jornada

Audiovox Maestro





3Com Audrey

This is an excellent resource site on hacking and developing for the 3Com Audrey.

Sowbugs Audrey Page

This is another excellent resource on Audrey information.

I-Appliance BBS: Audrey Hacking Forum

slinger webserver Documentation

slinger is the web server that comes installed with the Audrey.

Microsoft Ultimate TV

Ultimate TV web site:

Microsoft/Compaq Web Companion

Compaq Home Internet Appliances

MSN Companion

I-Appliance BBS: MSN Companion Hacking Forum

Sega Dreamcast

PlanetWeb Web Browser

DC Emulation

Flash for Video/Television

Microsoft TV Design Guidelines

Flash to Video FAQ by FlickerLab

Microsoft TV Color Picker

An online tool that emulates how computer colors will look on a TV screen.

WebTV Browser

Useful tool for simulating playback of content on televisions.


Advanced Television Enhancement Forum

Adobe Premiere

This is a tool for editing digital video.

Adobe After Effects

This is a tool for editing and creating effects for digital video.

Apple Final Cut Pro

This is a tool for editing digital video.

General Device News and Information


Linux Devices

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