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Sampler sheets
saved slideshows 2nd [See also slideshows, customizing slides.]
     adding, removing, and rearranging photos in
     adjusting settings for
     creating and deleting
     music for 2nd
     files as PDFs
     Library folders
screen savers 2nd
Search field 2nd
searching for photos
     book themes
     folders in Source pane
     images for import
     pages for printing
     portions of photos
     slideshow music 2nd 3rd
selection rectangle 2nd
sepia photos 2nd
Shared folder
sharing photos [See also books, about; showing photos onscreen, basic slideshows; slideshows, customizing slides; Web sites, camera review.]
     accessing shared photos
     burning photo disc 2nd 3rd
     email for
     exporting files 2nd
     iPhoto Library Manager for
     network sharing 2nd 3rd
     shared volumes for
     turning on photo sharing
     Windows photo discs
shipping information
     adding new addresses
     shipping charges 2nd
showing photos onscreen [See also basic slideshows; saved slideshows, about.]
     .Mac account
     .Mac Slides for
     basic slideshows 2nd
     Desktop pictures
     DVD slideshows
     iMovie slideshows 2nd
     music for slideshows 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
     QuickTime movies for
     running slideshows
     saved slideshows 2nd
     scaling images to fill screen 2nd 3rd
     screen savers
     tools for slideshows 2nd
     viewing photos on Web pages
size slider
     adjusting thumbnail size
     enlarging display pane
slideshow mode
slideshows [See also basic slideshows; saved slideshows, about.]
     customizing slides
     duration of slides
     editing slide photos
     exporting to QuickTime movies
     iMovie 2nd
     Ken Burns Effect for 2nd
     music for 2nd 3rd 4th
     publishing .Mac Slides
     selecting iTunes playlist for repeating
     tools for 2nd
     types of
smart albums 2nd
software [See also specific software by name.]
     custom printing
     editing photos with external editors
     email programs
     greeting card programs
     iLife 2nd
     iPhoto requirements
     sources for iPhoto
     system requirements
     using external editors
     Web export tools
Software Updates
sorting photos
     albums 2nd
     slideshows 2nd
Source pane
     accessing shared photos
     creating albums in
     illustrated 2nd
     iPhoto disc display on
     renaming and rearranging items on
     selecting folders in
sources [See also specific types of sources.]
     adding photos to
     removing photos from
     renaming and rearranging
spelling checks
stopping photo importing
straightening photos 2nd
subscribing to photocasts
     between Library folders
     between portrait/landscape orientation
     between sort orders
     to import mode
     to organize mode
system requirements

iPhoto 6 for Mac OS X. Visual QuickStart Guide
iPhoto 6 for Mac OS X
ISBN: 0321423313
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2004
Pages: 225
Authors: Adam Engst

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