Changing Text Color

Although it's not obvious, iPhoto provides controls to change the color of text as well.

To change colors:


To open the Colors palette, -click a text box and choose Show Colors from the Font menu (Figure 7.31).

Figure 7.31. To open the Colors palette, Control-click a text box, and from the hierarchical Font menu, choose Show Colors.


In the Font palette, click the text color button.

iPhoto opens the Colors palette (Figure 7.32).

Figure 7.32. Click a color in the color wheel to put it in the color box and apply it to the selected text.


Select the text to which you want to apply a color, and click a color in the color wheel.

iPhoto changes the color of the text.


  • You can apply color only to selected text, not to classes of text in the settings dialog.

  • To copy a color from elsewhere on the screen to the color box, click the magnifying glass icon, and then click a color anywhere on the screen.

  • Drag the color box to one of the cells of the color swatch collection to save it for repeated use. Clicking one of the color swatches applies it to the selected text.

  • Copying fonts also copies colors.

  • Use color carefully and sparinglyit's too easy to make a book garish by applying too much color. You don't want your text to compete with your photos.

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