Designing Calendar Pages

Depending on the theme you select, there may be quite a few design options for individual calendar pages. Follow these steps:

To design a calendar page:


Select a page by clicking it in the display pane or in the vertical list (Figure 7.10).

Figure 7.10. Use the buttons above the vertical list to switch between showing calendar pages and unplaced photos (showing above). Use the buttons below the list to switch between showing both calendar pages (top and bottom, showing above) and just the top or the bottom page in the display pane.


From the Layout pop-up menu, choose a page type, which generally involves the number of photos on the top page.


From the Design pop-up menu, choose a design (most themes have only a few).


If you don't like any of the designs, click the Themes button and choose a new theme from the calendar design dialog.


Drag photos from the unplaced photo list to photo slots on the top page or to individual dates on the bottom page. Move or delete photos until the page looks the way you want.


Double-click photos on dates to zoom and position them, and to add captions (Figure 7.11).

Figure 7.11. Double-click a photo on a date to zoom in, reposition it within the square, add a caption, and position the caption location.


Enter text in any provided text boxes, and add text to individual dates by clicking a date and typing the text in the pop-up panel (Figure 7.12).

Figure 7.12. Click a date to open a panel in which you can enter custom text. You can apply font styles and colors to the custom text, but not to the date number.


  • When viewing calendar pages in the vertical list, you can click the top or bottom page of the thumbnail to select it (use the controls explained in Figure 7.10), which helps when choosing page designs.

  • Some themes offer independent designs for the top and bottom pages; others apply the design to both pages at once.

  • Captions can appear only in cells adjacent to their pictures.

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