Copying Photos to an iPod

Forget about carrying dog-eared photos in your walletnow you can copy photos to your iPod (assuming yours has a color screen) and display them in their full glory. Though the photos come from iPhoto, you use iTunes to copy them to your iPod.

To copy photos to an iPod:


In iTunes, open the Preferences window () and click the iPod tab.


Click the Photos tab to display the photo-copying preferences (Figure 5.42).

Figure 5.42. Choose which photos will be copied to your iPod in the Photos screen of the iPod tab in the iTunes Preferences window.


Select either the Copy All Photos and Albums radio button or the Copy Selected Albums Only button.


If you selected Copy Selected Albums Only, select specific albums in the scrolling list.


Click OK to save your preferences and start the synchronization process.


  • To save space, iTunes shrinks the photos for display on the iPod's tiny screen.

  • If you have a lot of space on your iPod, or you want to use the iPod to transfer photos to another Mac, select the Include Full Resolution Photos checkbox.

  • If you have a smaller iPod (or a lot of photos), it's best to copy individual albums rather than everything. Smart albums are especially useful in this regard.

  • iTunes shows you how many photos are in each album, which can give you a rough approximation of which albums will fit on your iPod.

Viewing Photos on an iPod

It's easy to view the photos once you've copied them to your iPod.


At the top level of the iPod interface, use the clickwheel to select Photos, then press the center button.


Select an album and press the center button to see tiny thumbnails of the photos in that album.


Either use the clickwheel to select a particular photo or just press the center button to display the selected photo at the largest possible size.


Use the Forward and Back buttons to navigate through the photos, or press the Play button to switch into automatic slideshow mode, in which the iPod cycles through the photos automatically.

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