Adding Virtual Directories Manually

There are two virtual directories called CMS and webctrl_client that we need to manually add to our CMS Web site. These directories are required to support Web-based authoring and site development.

The CMS virtual directory must be located inside the Web application that will contain our CMS site. It should point to the physical directory <CMS installation drive>/Program Files/Microsoft Content Management Server/Server/IIS_CMS. If you are creating a CMS site installed at the root of the IIS site, then the full name of this virtual directory will be <CMS site>/CMS; if you are installing a CMS site as a Web application off root, then it will be <IIS site>/<CMS application>/CMS.

To create a CMS virtual directory, in the IIS snap-in right-click the Web site (or the virtual directory containing the site if CMS is installed as an off-root Web application), select New > Virtual Directory and click Next in the Virtual Directory Creation Wizard Welcome screen; type CMS as the virtual directory alias and click Next; in the Web Site Content Directory screen navigate to <CMS installation drive>/Program Files/Microsoft Content Management Server/Server/IIS_CMS and click Next; in the Access Permissions screen select Execute permission in addition to Read and Run Scripts, and click Next; click Finish. After the wizard has completed, in IIS 5 the /CMS virtual directory is configured as a separate application starting point; we need to remove it. Right-click CMS and select Properties; in the Virtual Directory tab in the Application Settings area, click Remove (Figure 8-29); then click OK.

Figure 8-29. CMS properties


NOTE: The last step is not required in IIS 6, because IIS 6 does not configure new virtual directories as application starting points by default; therefore, the /CMS virtual directory has been configured as a directory, not an application, which is exactly what we need.

The /webctrl_client virtual directory should be located at the root of the IIS site, configured as a CMS Web entry point. It should point to <IIS installation drive>/Inetpub/wwwroot/webctrl_client.

To create the /webctrl_client virtual directory, repeat the preceding process, but type webctrl_client as the virtual directory alias, point to <IIS installation drive>/Inetpub/wwwroot/webctrl_client, and accept the default permissions. If required, remove the application starting point following the previous instructions.

The site structure for the new CMS site installed at the root of the IIS site is shown in Figure 8-30; the site structure for the new CMS site installed as the off-root Web application is shown in Figure 8-31 (both figures show the site running on IIS 5).

Figure 8-30. CMS site structure


Figure 8-31. CMS Web application structure


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