List of Tables

Chapter 4: VoIP Network Infrastructure Denial of Service (DoS)

Table 4-1: Latency, Jitter, and Packet Loss Service Level Agreements for Several ISPs
Table 4-2: R-Value to MOS Mapping from the Telecommunication Industry Association, "TelecommunicationsIP Telephony EquipmentVoice Quality Recommendations for IP Telephony"
Table 4-3: Miercom Testing: Call Controller and Media Gateway Susceptibility to DoS Attacks
Table 4-4: Miercom Testing: Susceptibility of IP Phones to DoS Attacks

Chapter 7: Cisco Unified CallManager

Table 7-1: Cisco Unity Server Active Ports
Table 7-2: Cisco Unified CallManager 5. x Active Ports
Table 7-3: Cisco Unified CallManager 4. x Active Ports

Chapter 8: Avaya Communication Manager

Table 8-1: Open Ports/Services for Basic Communications
Table 8-2: Open Ports/Services for Media Server Communications
Table 8-3: Open Ports/Services for File Synchronization
Table 8-4: Communication Manager DoS Test Summary
Table 8-5: IP Phone TCP Flood Test Summary
Table 8-6: IP Phone UDP Flood Test Summary

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