show Commands

Router#show ?

Lists all show commands available

Router#show interfaces

Displays statistics for all interfaces

Router#show interface serial 0

Displays statistics for a specific interface, in this case Serial 0

Router#show ip interface brief

Displays a summary of all interfaces, including status and IP address assigned

Router#show controllers serial 0

Displays statistics for interface hardware. Statistics display if the clock rate is set and if the cable is DCE, DTE, or not attached

Router#show clock

Displays time set on device

Router#show hosts

Displays local host-to-IP address cache. These are the names and addresses of hosts on the network to which you can connect

Router#show users

Displays all users connected to device

Router#show history

Displays history of commands used at this edit level

Router#show flash

Displays info about Flash memory

Router#show version

Displays info about loaded software version

Router#show arp

Displays the ARP table

Router#show protocols

Displays status of configured Layer 3 protocols

Router#show startup-config

Displays configuration saved in NVRAM

Router#show running-config

Displays configuration currently running in RAM

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