Configuring Passwords

Works on both routers and switches.

Router(config)#enable password cisco

Sets enable password


Router(config)#enable secret class

Sets enable secret password


Router(config)#line con 0

Router(config-line)#password console


Enters console-line mode

Sets console-line mode password to console

Enables password checking at login


Router(config)#line vty 0 4

Router(config-line)#password telnet


Enters vty line mode for all five vty lines

Sets vty password to telnet

Enables password checking at login


Router(config)#line aux 0

Router(config-line)#password backdoor


Enters auxiliary line mode

Sets auxiliary line mode password to backdoor

Enables password checking at login


enable secret password is encrypted by default. enable password is not. For this reason, recommended practice is that you never use the enable password. Use only the enable secret password in a router configuration.


You cannot set both enable secret and enable password to the same password. Doing so defeats the use of encryption.

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