Serial Cable Types

Figure 4-3 shows the DB-60 end of a serial cable that connects to a 2500 series router.

Figure 4-3. Serial Cable (2500)

Figure 4-4 shows the newer smart serial end of a serial cable that connects to a smart serial port on your router.

Figure 4-4. Smart Serial Cable (1700 or 2600)

Figure 4-5 shows examples of the male data terminal equipment (DTE) and the female data communications equipment (DCE) ends that are on the other side of a serial or smart serial cable.

Figure 4-5. V.35 DTE and DCE Cables

Laptops released in the past few years come equipped with USB ports, not serial ports. For these newer laptops, you need a USB-to-serial connector, as illustrated in Figure 4-6.


CCNA focuses on V.35 cables for back-to-back connections between routers.

Figure 4-6. USB-to-Serial Connector for Laptops

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