Restoring the IOS Using the ROMmon Environmental Variables and tftpdnld Command

rommon 1>IP_ADDRESS=

Indicates the IP address for this unit

rommon 2>IP_SUBNET_MASK=

Indicates the subnet mask for this unit


Indicates the default gateway for this unit

rommon 4>TFTP_SERVER=

Indicates the IP address of the TFTP server

rommon 5>TFTP_FILE= c2600-js-l_121-3.bin

Indicates the filename to fetch from the TFTP server

rommon 6>tftpdnld

Starts the process


...<output cut>...


Do you wish to continue? y/n: [n]:y


...<output cut>...


Rommon 7>i

Resets the router. i stands for initialize


Commands and environmental variables are case sensitive, so be sure that you have not accidentally added spaces between variables and answers.

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