Modifying OSPF Cost Metrics

Router(config)#int s 0/0


Router(config-if)#bandwidth 128

By changing the bandwidth, OSPF will recalculate cost of link



Router(config-if)#ip ospf cost 1564

Changes the cost to a value of 1564


The cost of a link is determined by dividing the reference bandwidth by the interface bandwidth.

The default reference bandwidth is 108.

Bandwidth is a number between 110,000,000 and is measured in kilobits.

Cost is a number between 165,535. Cost has no unit of measurementit is just a number.


For OSPF to calculate routes properly, all interfaces connected to the same link must agree on the cost of that link. Therefore, if you change the reference bandwidth on one router, you must change it to match on all routers in that area.

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