Best Way to Hide User Menu

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One very popular thing that developers do is disable the menu that users are shown when they right-click any Flash content that appears in their browser. We already discussed Flash MX 2004's new way of accomplishing this, but the classic way is still the best.

In the code of the HTML page in which your Flash movie is embedded, you'll see an <object> tag and an <embed> tag. These two tags work together so that Flash will be properly displayed in IE and non-IE browsers alike. To hide the right-click menu options for a movie, add the following param tag to the object tag of the HTML page.

 <param name="menu" value="false"> 

Now add the menu parameter to the embed tag anywhere in the list of parameters already there.


Sure, the new Flash player enables you to do this using ActionScript, but the method above will work for many older Flash player versions as well. So if you're still publishing Flash 6 content, you can still do a happy little dance. Well, you can do that anyway.

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