What s New

What's New

iWork '05 is a brand-new product, as is the Pages program. Keynote, on the other hand, has been around for a couple of years in version-one form. Keynote 2, the long-anticipated update to Keynote, makes its appearance as part of iWork. It contains several new features and numerous enhancements:

  • New themes . Keynote 2 adds 10 new themes to 10 of the "classic" Keynote 1 themes, all of them professionally designed with coordinated colors, layouts, tables, charts , and text.

  • Text animations . You can choose from more than two dozen ways for your text to make its entry and exit. Choose between animating the whole title, each word, or individual charactersdissolving, dropping, sliding, or spinning on and off the screen.

  • Object animations . You can create complex slide builds with surprising ease you control the entry, movement, and exit of many objects on each slide, and precisely time or control them.

  • Media browser . This window gives you full access to all your photos, movies, and musicready to drag and drop into your slide. And now you can crop photos after you place them in the slide, thanks to the new masking tool. Then, if you decide later that you've cropped too much of the picture, you can just recrop it, since the entire picture's actually there behind the mask.

  • Presenter display . If you use a second display for your presentationa video projector, for exampleyou can view an expanded presenter display on your computer screen. You can keep track of the current slide, the next slide, your notes, a clock, and a timer, while the audience sees only what you want them tothe current slideon the big screen.

  • Kiosk presentations . If you need a presentation that can run by itself, you can create slide shows that can run automatically, with all the slide transitions and builds timed exactly as you've set them.

  • Embedded Web pages . You can add a Web page snapshot to a slide andif you're connected to the Internet at presentation timeKeynote automatically updates the slide with the current version of the page.

  • Flash and PDF export . In addition to PowerPoint and QuickTime formats, you can now export directly to PDF (for Adobe Acrobat Reader) and Macromedia Flash (for presentations on the Web).

iWork '05. The Missing Manual
iWork 05: The Missing Manual
ISBN: 059610037X
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2004
Pages: 134
Authors: Jim Elferdink

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