Using Subclips

When you're working with long clips, it is possible to create a series of proxy or Subclips from the master clips you have stored in your Project Browser. Subclips are proxy representations of media clips that allow you to split very large media clips into bite-sized, manageable lumps.

You can create Subclips in two ways: either by using scene detection, or by manually defining each one in the Source Viewer. Scene Detection is a time-saving tool, but sometimes it pays to do it yourself, particularly if you have just one small segment of a large media clip that you want to use.

To create a Subclip


Place the media clip into the Source Viewer by double-clicking it and then using the mouse or the arrow keys to look for the best place for your subclip to start.


Once you've found the ideal start to your subclip, press the I key on the keyboard or click the Mark-In Point button .

You can see that a small Mark-In Point icon has now been added to the Timeline of the Clip Viewer (Figure 14.15).

Figure 14.15. A mark-in point on the Source Viewer Timeline.


Select a point where you would like your subclip to finish by pressing the O key or by clicking the Mark-Out Point button .

A small Mark-Out Point icon is added to the Timeline of the Clip Viewer (Figure 14.16).

Figure 14.16. A mark-out point added to the Source Viewer Timeline.


To create the Subclip from these new mark-in and mark-out points, press the U key on the keyboard or click the Make Subclip button .

A clip called xxxx (Sub(#))where xxxx is the name of the original clip and # is the number of Subclips created from this master clipappears in the Rack (Figure 14.17).

Figure 14.17. The Subclip is created in the current Rack.


  • You can also add the Make a Subclip button to your Source Viewer controls. See Chapter 1 for details on how to add buttons to the Source Viewer.

  • Use the Zoom tool to reduce the view if you can't see both the mark-in and mark-out points on the Timeline display.

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