4.2 ISPCompany and its new business application

ISPCompany offers two types of services:

  • Mail serving and Web serving: infrastructure server consolidation of clients' low-utilized servers. (See Figure 4-3.) ISPCompany can put up to several hundred of these servers on one mainframe and can save substantially on overall cost. There is no need for stand-alone machines and their respective cables.

    Figure 4-3. ISPCompany infrastructure server consolidation


  • Outsourcing: complete or partial hosting of other companies' computer systems on the mainframe. ISPCompany offers a spectrum of services that ranges from supplying the bare iron through providing applications, helpdesk, and backup/restore services.

See Appendix A, "ISPCompany" for a more complete story of ISPCompany's development.

In our example, ISPCompany has been approached by a client to outsource its small server farm. This opportunity for ISPCompany is handled by creating a new set of unique Linux images needed by this client. This is an example of horizontal growth.

Linux on the Mainframe
Linux on the Mainframe
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