Chapter 7. AJAX Debugging Guide

7.1 Two Sides to Debugging

page 138

7.2 Looking at AJAX Communications

page 139

7.3 JavaScript Debugging Tools

page 156

7.4 JavaScript Exceptions

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7.5 Dumping Variables

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7.6 Summary

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One of the biggest difficulties of developing in AJAX is figuring out how to put your code back together when your applications go wrong. You don't know if the problem is code on the server or code on the client, or if it's caused by a cascade of problems between the two. Debugging server-side problems can be especially difficult because the client-side JavaScript code has a tendency to hide the errors, but there is a solution. This chapter covers a number of tools and techniques that let you see exactly what is happening. Once you have information, solving the actual problem becomes easy.

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