History of Series 60

Series 60 Platform is a smartphone software package developed by Nokia for use in its own smartphone products, but also to be licensed by other device manufacturers for use in their own smartphone designs. An integrated suite of applications, built upon personal information management, multimedia, rich communication, messaging, downloading and browsing, enhances the complete software platform.

Series 60 software can be used as supplied, or, more commonly, the "look and feel" is customized to a manufacturer's required specifications. A graphical interface is used throughout the system and by the wide range of wireless applications provided.

The success of Short Messaging Service (SMS) is a good example of what happens when an easy-to-use application is widely available on terminals from different manufacturers and on several interconnected networks. Its widespread adoption has created a larger unified SMS application market that feeds its own growth.

Series 60 Platform was created for a similar unified market to ensure that a wide variety of applications, all based on a common smartphone platform, are available across multiple terminals from many different manufacturers. A potentially very large application market will result in increasing the adoption of new mobile services, enabling the creation of a new category of smartphones, boosting the market still further. As result a significant new ecosystem is now developing around Series 60, including Independent Software Vendors, Series 60 Licensees, Competence Centers, Contractors, Mobile Network Operators and others.

Developing Series 60 Applications. A Guide for Symbian OS C++ Developers
Developing Series 60 Applications: A Guide for Symbian OS C++ Developers: A Guide for Symbian OS C++ Developers
ISBN: 0321227220
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2003
Pages: 139

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