7.2 Checklist

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7.2 Checklist

Fill out the list in Table 7-2 before and during your Domino installation. These items are used often, so having them written down one place will make your installation task easier. Make a copy of this page as a worksheet, and feel free to add more items and values if your environment requires them. A more detailed description of our environment can be found in Appendix A, "Our test system" on page 341.

Table 7-2: Domino installation checklist


Our values

Your values

Domino user account on Linux



Group for Domino user on Linux



IP address of your Linux server (sample)


Path for Notesdata directory



Mountpoint for notesdata directory



Path for Transactional log



Mount point for transactional log



Path for mail or application directory

/domserv#/notesdata/mail or /domserv#/notesdata/appl


Mount point for mail or application directory

/domserv#/notesdata/mail or /domserv#/notesdata/appl


Domino server name



Domino domain name



DNS entry for Linux server



DNS entry for Dominoserver



Web server configuration


Information about other applications your Domino server needs like: Virus Scanner, C/C++ Toolkit, FAX software, TDP, external Databases (DB2) ...


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