Chapter 15 -- Planning and Mapping Web Sites

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Chapter 15

Most Web sites include hundreds of links to content such as ASPs (Active Server Pages), JavaScript, and countless graphic files. The sheer volume of links and content can make it difficult to manage a Web site and keep it up to date. However, if you have Visio Professional, you also have a powerful visual tool for analyzing Web site content. Whether your site is served by an intranet, the Internet, or a network staging area, you can automatically diagram every page, link, and piece of content and even control the level of detail.

This version of the Web Site Map template maps more detail than in the past and offers a greater level of control with support for additional HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) tags, Java, FrontPage and ASPs, and more. Visio provides information about every link it encounters, including its target address and whether that target was available. As a troubleshooting tool for locating broken links, Visio excels. This chapter shows you how to generate a Web site map with the contents you want and how to work with the results in Visio.

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