Section I: C Fundamentals

Chapter Overview

Chapter 1: C++ Basics
Chapter 2: Console Input and Output
Chapter 3: Arrays, Strings, and Bitwise Operations
Chapter 4: Functions
Chapter 5: Decision Structures and Loops
Chapter 6: File Input and Output
Chapter 7: Exception Handling
Chapter 8: User-Defined Data Types
Chapter 9: Pointers

The purpose of this section is simply to lay down the foundations of C++. These are the core concepts in programming and in C++ that you will need throughout this book. Although the examples in this section are not as exciting as those in later sections, they are very important. If you do not master the topics in this section, you will be unable to master the rest of this book. At the end of this section, you should be able to write basic C++ programs. These first nine chapters represent the core of C++. You cannot even begin to consider yourself a programmer, much less a C++ programmer, if you do not master these first eight chapters.

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