This chapter has introduced you to Windows programming with Visual C++, an exciting but daunting area of programming. Many programmers feel overwhelmed when they first encounter Windows programming with Visual C++. There are a number of complexities to come to grips with. The important items for you to grasp right now are actually quite few. To begin with, you should basically understand what the Microsoft Foundation Classes are. If you understand what they are and basically how they are used, then you will be able to use reference material such as books and Microsoft Help files to find the specific class you need to perform a specific operation.

You should also become comfortable with the MFC Application Wizard and with the Class Wizard. If you are comfortable with these two wizards, your future Visual C++ programming endeavors will be greatly simplified. It would be wise to do a few more simple applications using these wizards just to make certain that you are totally comfortable with them.

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Figure 15.26: More MOUSEMOVE functions.

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