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What would the world of PCs be without computerized golf? Even people who don’t enjoy playing real golf on a golf course can find playing computer golf a relaxing diversion. The KDE interface has such a game, called Kolf, and its main screen is shown in Figure 17.1.

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Figure 17.1: The Kolf game.

To start a new game, select the Game menu and choose New Game. You will see the screen that is shown in Figure 17.2. Here is where you set up your new game. Obviously you have to pick your players’ names, but there is a lot more here for you to do.

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Figure 17.2: Starting a new game.

On the Course tab of this screen, shown in Figure 17.3, you can set up the parameters of your course. You can select the type of course, create a new course, and set the par for that course. For our example we will choose the Really Easy course.

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Figure 17.3: Setting up a course.

You are then taken to the game screen. Here you move your mouse to where you want your club and press the mouse button. The longer you hold down the mouse button, the more power will be in your swing. This is shown in Figure 17.4. When you let go, you will swing and hit the ball. You can use the arrow keys at the top of the screen to move on to the next hole if you wish to skip the current hole. Kolf probably won’t improve your real golf score, but it could certainly be a fun way to spend a little time.

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Figure 17.4: Swinging at the golf ball.

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