Chapter 7. Adding Dynamic Content

7. Adding Dynamic Content

Once you've set up a database connection, the Web server and the application server work together to supply dynamic content when a browser makes a request for a dynamic page. You can use dynamic content in any part of a Web page, including text, images, and multimedia elements like Flash movies or Java applets. For instance, you could use dynamic text to list current classes in an online school or dynamic images to show the latest artwork at an online gallery.

You can also use dynamic content to customize the appearance and content of a page by using stored data to supply dynamic values for attributes of HTML tags in the page. For example, you could dynamically set parameters for viewing video files based on information about a visitor's connection speed, or choose color themes and languages for a page based on a visitor's geographic location.

In this chapter, you'll learn how to add dynamic text, images, HTML attributes, and Flash parameters. In addition, you'll learn how to use the Live Data window to preview dynamic content in Design view.

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